Aiptasia & Majano Remover

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WE Hate Them TOO!!

The latest development for the removal of Aiptasia & Majano Anemones. Ultralife, thru years of research and experimentation, has developed a  100% All Natural, simple and effective solution to treat these anemones. This product is Reef safe, fast, effective and will not alter your water chemistry. Simply apply solution to top of the anemone (no injection required) and watch the results. 3ml Syringe included.  Simply the Best.

When used as directed it will not harm any desirable aquarium inhabitants.

Contains No Calcium Chloride, Calcium Hydroxide or Pepper based products.

100% All Natural    Treats over 300 Anemones

Keep out of reach of children.     For Aquarium use only

Makes 5.36 oz (150 ml)

Net Weight: 2.43 oz (68 g )

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1 review for Aiptasia & Majano Remover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Really, I was not aware about the killer anemone named Aiptasia. All on a sudden I noticed 4-5 small transparent stuffs in my saltwater aquarium grown on a piece of stony corals I added to my aquarium few days back. Those guests were really beautiful and no one will believe that they are killers. I went out in a tour for around a week and when my mate was caring my aquarium she asked me if there’s anything to do with those small palm tree shaped things. I told nothing to do as they were beautiful. After around 10 days while I got time to watch carefully, I found one of my gold fishes and some shrimps are dead. I also noticed there are so many small palm tree shaped things. I understood that those reproduced very fast and started worrying about them. When I asked my friend who has many years’ experience in fish keeping he came to my home and alerted me those were harmful Aiptasia. According to his suggestion I added some peppermint shrimps that day but those were failing to fight with too much growth of those Aiptasia.
    I was looking for a quick solution and when I found Aiptasia & Majano remover solution from Ultralife I became able to get rid of those killers. I’m really thankful to them for such specialized product to fight Aiptasia & Majano properly.

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