Precision Marine Bullet XL1 Protein Skimmer

Precision Marine BULLET XL-1 Skimmer


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The Bullet™ Series operate on a completely different skimming philosophy than conventional needle-wheel skimmers.  High pressure and flow rates mean greater turnover of the tank volume, resulting in faster stripping of dissolved organics from the water. More passes, more air and excellent contact time puts the Bullet™ Series in a class of its own.

Think of it this way… Food goes into the water, some uneaten, some eaten and metabolized by your fish and inverts. Ultimately, the dissolved organics that are produced from feeding and the metabolic process needs to be removed. If not, these organics feed nitrifying bacteria that is converted into nitrates, which is toxic to sensitive fish and corals.

Practically, what does this mean? Most organic compounds must be reduced by the mineralization process which then must be reduced through nitrification resulting in nitrates, an ion we as aquarists must not tolerate. By accelerating the removal of organic compounds with higher flow rates and more air production (as with the Bullet™ Series), the mineralization process is greatly diminished. This lessens the bio-load, does not tax nitrifying bacteria and ultimately less nitrates are present.

One of the first things you will notice is the dynamics of the skimmer cup itself. Due to the massive amount of air, the skimmer cup needs to handle all of the foam. We’re talking about a ridiculous amount of foaming. That being said, the length & diameter of the neck, foam tube and length of cup body itself are crucial.

With all of the air coming in, where does it leave? That’s a beautiful thing. Since the skimmer is sealed and can become pressurized, the air leaves in only one place… the skimmer cup drain. What this means is the air must not only flow up the neck and foam tube, but out the cup drain. This evacuates the foam/skimmate over the side of the foam tube and out the drain. This is huge. Most ALL other type of skimmers have vents in the lid… even if they have a cup drain. It doesn’t work the same way as the Bullet™ Skimmers.

Bullet XL 1 ??

  • Overall Height: 30”
  • Footprint: 13.5”x 13”
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1” SOC/2” SPGT
  • 100% Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Includes High Quality 2″ Clear PVC Gate Valve
  • Ozone Compatible (includes port)
  • Waste Collector Compatible
  • Built to the Precision Marine Quality Standard!
  • Tubing Diameter: 8”
  • Pump Recommendations:
    • Pan World 150PS
    • Iwaki MD55RLT
  • All-New 5th Generation Injector
  • Capacity: 500 gallons

This item may be built to order 10-14 Day Lead Time, and is shipped direct from the manufacturer

Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions16 x 16 x 30 in


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