Ultralife “Titanium Grounding Probe”

Ultralife “Titanium Grounding Probe”

Helps eliminate fish health problems associated with stray voltage


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 Ultralife “Titanium Grounding Probe”

*Safe and easy-to-use titanium aquarium grounding probe
*Helps eliminate fish health problems associated with stray voltage
*Non-corrosive solid titanium probe ideal for saltwater applications

Pumps, powerheads, chillers, and other aquarium electrical devices may emit stray voltage resulting in fish health problems like lateral line disease, fin erosion, and gill deterioration. Just place titanium grounding probe in your aquarium or sump and hook it up to a grounded outlet. Includes 9″ titanium probe, suction cup, 10 ft ground wire, and attachment eyelet.


  • Non-corrosive solid titanium rod
  • Insulated transition joint
  • 10 foot grounded lead

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 x 4 x 4 in

Attach suction cup to a flat vertical surface that is above the water level. Never allow suction cup or transition joint (above the suction cup) to become submerged in the water. Make sure that enough o the titanium rod is under the water level (allow for tank or sump evaporation).
Next, attach the eyelet to a known ground. You can remove the center screw on any outlet cover and attach the eyelet. The outlet should be grounded. You should always create a drip-loop by making at least one coil in the 10ft. ground probing wire. This prevents water from traveling
down the wire and entering directly into your electrical outlet. You should also make sure the ground that you connect the eyelet to is above the water level that the titanium probe is located in.    Model #GP1 0


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